Living in the U.S. today is not as easy as you might think. Have you ever felt like your mind and body are disconnected or that your mind has a mind of its own and that you often feel out of control over your mind or body? Have you wondered, “Is it just in my head or do I really feel off?” Some people say, “I feel like I’m going crazy!” It’s OK, you’re not going crazy; however, you have experienced a hijacked mind. Between reactive hypoglycemia, lack of proper nutrients, too many cocktails or pharmaceuticals, or lack of stress release, this can cause many mental and physical problems within your internal structure. Allow me to help you with a 90 day Reboot and expose you to the many options I have at hand.

What is a hijacked mind and the 90 Day Reboot? It took a long time to allow your mind and body to become disconnected and feel lack of control, well it will take at least 90 days to point you in the direction you may need to reclaim your mind, to reclaim your body, to get back on track toward the Blissful life you were meant to live. My plan for you doesn’t include sitting around and just doing talk therapy, no, that’s only a piece of the puzzle. I have a 90 day structure to help you recover your mind from whatever it has been exposed to that has hijacked it and left it feeling “under the weather”. It’s only a matter of time before the gray skies turn blue again. I’m honored to help you rediscover the sunshine and glow in the beauty of today to lead to a promising tomorrow. I know, because I’ve been where you are!

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