UnAshamed YOGA is for anyone who has battled loneliness, health issues, depression, anxiety, addictions, ADHD, and grief. Over 75% of the U.S. population currently deals with one of these issues. Isolation only makes matters worse. YOGA means To Union. God made us social, spiritual creatures for a reason. Come be a part of a group that doesn’t apologize for the struggles we go through. Allow UnAshamed YOGA to support you by making your body, mind, and spirit strong again and bringing all three back together, while connecting to a greater source. Unioning can be with your three parts: Body/Mind/Soul, the three parts of the Trinity: Father/Son/Holy Spirit, or with the three parts of the Class: being One with You/Your Neighbor/Your Mat.

Social Connection leads to Happier People. Thich Nhat Hanh noted, “We are in a constant state of distraction when our body is in the present, but our minds are elsewhere.” (ie hijacked minds) He goes on to say that when we focus on our breath and we breath awareness, our body and minds come together. Yoga studies have shown to increase mental well-being and physical health. Our minds and bodies become stronger as ONE. Make time to connect to the Universe, while connecting your body to your mind and living the life you dreamed about. It’s over before you know it. The time is now! Namaste and Blessings.